3 Ways to Relish Your Edamame

How have you 'bean'?

What does the baby soybean call its mother? Edamommy!

Bad puns aside, the topic of edamame is a good topic to delve into! Edamame is a Japanese dish made from immature soybeans in their pods. Since they’re often sold together with the stem, the name edamame means “stem beans.” Here are three reasons why edamame is a favourite appetiser in the Land of the Rising Sun:

#1 High in protein

The high protein content of edamame is great for people with diabetes, as it’ll help reduce insulin resistance, kidney damage and fatty liver.

#2 May lower cholesterols

LDL cholesterol or ‘bad’ cholesterol is closely associated with heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. Since edamame is a great source of plant-based protein, the unsaturated fats in it may lower cholesterol levels.

#3 Reduce Cancer risks

According to studies, eating one to two portions of whole soy meals daily, may considerably reduce men’s risk of developing prostate cancer and protect women from breast cancer.

How to enjoy them

Here are three ways to relish them:

Boil or steam it

Boil or steam the edamamepods for three to five minutes. Then, sprinkle on some salt. Peel open the pod of edamame and remove the beans to consume.

Mash it

Hulk up (you know because Hulk is enormous and green) your toast by mashing edamame beans with garlic, avocado, lemon juice and chilli flakes. Garnish your meal with lemon zest and some chopped parsley for an extra something.

Go fusion

In the kitchen, geography stops at the doorstep. Wow your guests with Italian spaghetti infused with sautéed Japanese edamame, and you’ll be hearing “mamma mia” from every full stomach!

It’s no wonder the Japanese cherish this versatile treat, it’s both tasty and wholesome. Have we convinced you to join the edamame fan club? Send us proof of your membership by tagging us (@1twenty80) and your edamame dish. Is it too much to ask for a plate too?  

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