3 Refreshing Ramadan Drinks

Easy and quick drinks you can whip up for iftar

Ramadan is an annual fasting period, which occurs in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is observed by Muslims all around the world. Muslims fasting during Ramadan abstain themselves from eating and drinking during daylight hours and only break their fast for the day after the sun sets.

However, one of the most important things that every fasting individual needs to do is to ensure they consume sufficient amounts of fluid after breaking their fast to keep their bodies well hydrated. In regards to that, we’re sharing with you three refreshingly delicious yet simple-to-make mocktails that are sure to crunch those thirst away. Plus, making your own drinks at home are way better than chugging store-bought soft drinks that are rich in excessive sugar, artificial colourings and preservatives.

Bottoms up because you deserve it! Behold, our Ramadan mocktails for your family to enjoy during this Ramadan.

Watermelon Basil

Preparation time: 30 to 40 minutes


8 cups Seedless watermelon, cut into chunks

1⁄2 cup Fresh basil leaves

1⁄2 cup Fresh lime juice

1 cup Sparkling water (optional)

1⁄4 cup Sugar, optional


  1. In a blender, puree the watermelon chunks until smooth, then strain using a strainer into a pitcher. 
  2. Next, muddle some mint leaves and put it into the pitcher followed by the lime juice and sugar. 
  3. Give it a good stir until sugar is dissolved. 
  4. Lastly, top it with sparkling water and garnish with fresh basil and lime slices. 
  5. Enjoy!

Honey Blackberry

Preparation time: 15 to 25 minutes


1⁄4 cup Fresh blackberries

1⁄2 cup Honey

1⁄4 cup Fresh mint

1 Lemon, juiced

1⁄2 cup Water

2 cups Sparkling water

Ice cubes


  1. At the bottom of a pitcher, mash the blackberries, honey and mint using a fork. 
  2. Subsequently, pour in the lemon juice and water and stir well. 
  3. Allow it to chill in the refrigerator until you break your fast. 
  4. Before serving, drop in some ice cubes and pour the sparkling water. 
  5. Garnish with lemon wedges, blackberries, and mint. Enjoy!

Lavender Lemonade

Preparation time: 30 minutes up to an hour or more


1⁄4 cup Fresh lavender flowers,


1 tbsp Dried lavender flowers

1 cup Granulated sugar

2 cups Boiling water

1 1⁄2 cups Lemon juice

2 cups or more Cold water

Ice cubes


  1. Place lavender flowers in a medium sized bowl. 
  2. Then, add in the sugar and use your fingers to gently rub the flowers into the sugar.
  3. Next, pour 2 cups of boiling water into the bowl and stir using a spoon until sugar is dissolved. 
  4. Cover and let it infuse for 30 minutes. 
  5. Strain the lavender-infused syrup and pour into a pitcher. 
  6. Stir in the lemon juice followed by two cups of water. Add more water if needed if it’s too sour or lemon juice if it’s too sweet. 
  7. Lastly, drop in a few cubes of ice, garnish with some thinly sliced lemons and a few sprigs before serving.

Tip: You can let it cool down for several hours too if you prefer a stronger lavender infused lemonade.