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The team at 1Twenty80 has pledged to lead a healthier and happier life as we enter 2019 and in an effort to create a healthier community, we would like to invite you to join us! Look out for this page each month as we reveal a brand-new 1Twenty80 challenge monthly!

Each month, we will also select a challenge participant as the winner of the monthly challenge. This contest will be on social media. So, don’t forget to ‘Like’ our page and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Join us as we achieve new heights in life. Read on for further details.

Challenge name: Family February

Challenge description: Make the first move and spend more quality time with your loved ones.*

Challenge benefits: The love and precious memories that you can build when spending time with family will fill your heart with gladness.

Challenge ideas:

  1. Spend an extra hour with your loved ones each day.
  2. Put aside your gadgets and play a simple board game together.
  3. Make a trip to the neighbourhood park as a family.

Monthly challenge winner: Snap a creative picture of yourself while participating in the monthly challenge, post it on your social media account and stand a chance to win amazing prizes!**

Don’t forget to use the hashtags and tag us on social media!

#1Twenty80 #1Twenty80Challenge2019

* Please participate responsibly and do be careful while participating in the challenge. 1Twenty80 is not responsible for any injuries sustained.

** Terms and conditions apply.


  • 12 months
  • 12 challenges
  • 12 prizes to give away!

Coming to you this january 2019!

Join us as we challenge ourselves to lead a healthier and happier life.

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